A Detailed Guide to your Rogers online Bill

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Account Information

These items are displayed on every page of your Online Bill and provide pertinent up-to-date details about your Rogers account.

Account Information Viewing Account: This is your account number. Use this number for account inquiries or to make a payment. This number will be 9 or 12 digits, depending on your Rogers services.

If you have multiple accounts, a drop down menu will allow you to select the Rogers account you would like to view.

Name My Account(s): Click here to customize your account with it’s own unique name, meaningful to you – a nickname. This name will be saved and will display the next time you log in.
Invoice Information Invoice Date: This is the final day of your monthly billing period and the date of your bill. The most current bill date will be loaded automatically, but you can easily select from the drop down option to view up to 18 months of previous invoices.

Invoice Number: This is the unique number assigned to your invoice for identification purposes. Each invoice produced monthly, will have its own unique invoice number.
Navigation Bar: Provides a quick view of all the products and services on your account and easy access to each section of your bill. To view details of your Wireless accounts, Click directly on the wireless phone number / user’s name on the navigation bar.
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The invoices, pricing, samples, etc. presented are for illustrative purposes only and are not available for sale and do not reflect current offers or plans.