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Shared Services – Family Sharing

Sharing Plans that allow multiple users to share services on the account – including voice minutes, data and text messaging. There is a separate usage summary page for each wireless number under the account.

Family Sharing
Main subscriber: Each wireless number on a Family Plan will have an individual summary section listing all shared voice, data, event and messaging usage and charges. Any additional usage incurred by the main subscriber such as usage exceeding shared allottment, long distance, roaming and pay per use will also appear here.

Unlike the Share Everything™ Plan, data charges as well as other usage charges incurred by secondary plan members will not be billed to the main/primary subscriber.
Secondary Subscriber: See next page
Share Indicator: The (S) identifies shared usage, any overage is not considered shared. Each individual subscriber is billed for any voice or text overage if applicable.

The invoices, pricing, samples, etc. presented are for illustrative purposes only and are not available for sale and do not reflect current offers or plans.