A Detailed Guide to your Rogers paper Bill

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Wireless Products & Services Details

This section details your wireless plan, services,features and charges for long distance, messaging,data, roaming and pay-per-use charges you incurredlast month.

Partial & Regular Charges
Wireless Number: Shows the subscriber’s name and wireless phone number for which the charges on this page apply. Each wireless number under your account will have a separate summary page.
Partial Charges: Will be incurred if you made any changes to your services mid-way your bill period (between bills), such as adding/changing a service or changing plans. Partial Charges cover the charges for the service you added/changed from the date you made the change(s) through to your invoice date (see Partial Charges).
Regular Charges: The monthly service fees for your plan and add-on services (i.e. voice and data plans, Value Pack, Call Display, Voicemail) for the next full month of service (billed in advance) plus any wireless usage charges incurred up to the invoice date.
Your services include: Lists the services included in your price plan and/or your Value Pack.

The invoices, pricing, samples, etc. presented are for illustrative purposes only and are not available for sale and do not reflect current offers or plans.